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Inventory Services

We provide an impartial and unbiased reporting service in line with the DPS as implemented under 2007 legislation for the protection of Landlords & Tenants against disputes over deposits. 


All of our inventory reports are professionally carried out in accordance with the recognised industry standards and can be tailored to your requirements. We always include detailed narrative descriptions which we combine with digital colour photography on all reports. We visit the rental property and undertake a full inventory inspection itemising the fixtures, fittings, contents and the condition of the property at the time plus any furniture, if applicable.


In the case of furnished properties, all items in the property will be itemised. It is however, strongly recommended that if a landlord is leaving furnishings in the property that a replacement value of the item is noted to ensure all parties are aware of the potential cost should an item become damaged or broken. 


At the time of the check out the report will be checked through thoroughly and any marks, stains or damage that is over and beyond wear and tear will be noted.


We highly recommend to new landlords to go to the expense of having your property professionally cleaned, to include oven, Windows, and carpets. Please ensure you leave a copy of the receipts in a folder for the Letting Agent if applicable, so they are able to make this known to potential tenants and can be noted on the inventory report too. At the end of the tenancy the tenants are expected to leave the property in the condition it was at the start of the tenancy so if a professional clean was undertaken the ongoing tenant will need to have the property cleaned to the same standard. This will help to keep your property in good order and minimises the chance of any discrepancies at the end of the tenancy.

Our reports provide detailed descriptions and photographs. Completed reports are sent out electronically.

Acceptable evidence for deposit claims and inline with the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Inventory Report?

A robust check-in inventory is a comprehensive list of the property’s contents and areas together with a schedule of condition, which records a detailed description of the condition of each room in the property and its fixtures as well as the standard of cleanliness throughout. The check-in inventory should also include good quality photographs which, if not embedded in the report, should be time and date stamped.


Why is an Inventory important?

A good inventory can help to avoid a dispute when a tenancy ends. If there is no Inventory Report it means there is no evidence proving any damage the tenant may have caused to the property including any fixtures, furnishings and appliances. It will be almost impossible to prove any damage to the property without one.


Do I need a Mid Term Inspection?

Carrying out mid-term property inspections can help build a clear picture of what happened during the tenancy, when it comes to discussing responsibilities and any associated costs at the end. In long term tenancies if no mid-term inspection visits are carried out at any point during the course of these tenancies, serious damage can accumulate which if not reported, may result in costs in excess of any deposit previously received.


Will I need a Check Out report?

A check-out report will highlight any differences to the original report Inventory Report. Short descriptions and photographs will be included to support the findings, it will show any damage or deterioration that has happened during the tenancy. 


Do you Take Photographs as well as a written report? 

Yes, the best way to avoid misinterpretations is by combining the Inventory Report with digital photos. Our photos identify all marks, scratches, stains and any damage. These photographs complement the written description of our Property Inventory Report and helps to avoid any unnecessary disputes.


Will the meter readings be taken?

All our clerks include meter readings in their reports, however meters will need to be accessible. If the meter(s) are in an unusual area please advise beforehand.

How will I receive my report?

We send all of our reports via email, however, if requested we are happy to send hard copies to all parties involved.


If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to give one of our experienced team a call on 07482179742 or email


Tenancy Deposit Schemes

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