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Gas Safety Check

If you live in rented accommodation, your landlord has legal responsibilities when it comes to gas safety.

Landlords have legal duties for gas safety. These are that gas pipework, gas appliances and chimneys/flues are maintained in a safe condition. Gas appliances owned by your Landlord, which are provided for your use must be checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

These responsibilities are laid out in the relevant gas safety legislation, such as the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 in Great Britain.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Landlord?

A landlord is anyone who rents out a property they own under a lease or a licence that is shorter than seven years.

Landlords responsibility for gas safety.

As a landlord, you are legally responsible for the safety of your tenants in relation to gas safety. By law you must:

  • Repair and maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances in safe condition

  • Ensure an annual gas safety check on each appliance and flue

  • Keep a record of each safety check

You should also keep your tenants informed about their responsibilities while they are staying in your property.

Who needs Gas Safety Checks?

You must ensure that any gas appliances (permanent or portable), and gas flues that you own and provide for use by your tenants have regular gas safety checks.

Gas safety checks - what needs checking?

All permanent and portable gas appliances and flues in the property require an annual gas safety check. 

  • Any gas appliance that you own and provide for the tenant's use is included in your legal duties

  • If a tenant has their own gas appliance that you have not provided, you are responsible for parts of the associated installation and pipework, but not for the appliance.

Is the Gas Safety check still valid when the current tenant leaves the property?

Before the start of a new tenancy, you must provide a current gas safety check record. The record is valid for twelve months from the date of the check. If the new tenancy begins within this twelve-month period, this record remains current and you can copy it on to the new tenants.

What information do you have to give the Tenant?

You must issue the latest gas safety check record to:

  • existing tenants within 28 days of the gas safety check record being completed; and

  • to new tenants before they move in.

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